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Sibos 2018 resume. Day 1

This year, over 7,500 people attended Sibos, with 166 exhibitors and 80 FinTechs showcasing their services and solutions. All the participants travelled to Sydney from 150 countries to discuss the cutting age themes and tendencies in financial sphere. ProFIX Company over 15 years takes part in Sibos and 2018 is not an exception. We will tell you about key topics and highlights of Sibos 2018.

Day 1

The organizers of Sibos 2018 introduced the brand new Discover Zone to bring together all participants focused on collaborative innovation. It provided the ultimate arena for collaborative innovation between the world’s financial institutions, top FinTech companies, local FinTech start-ups and leading universities. This was where attendees met their next business partners.

On the networking side Sibos 2018 introduced Innotribe Curated Networking sessions every day focusing on the topic of the day where delegates came an met with speakers in an informal and nice setting.

There was also the new Women of the World (WOW) event on Wednesday 24, October, where everybody were welcome and where the audience shared views and opinions about the importance of female leadership in the financial industry.

Among the novelties of Sibos 2018 organizers introduced the new Sibos Smart Badges, which helped the participants to exchanged contact details in a very easy and efficient way: just placed the clickable devices on both badges next to each other and pressed at the same time to change the contacts.

Highlights from the key speeches of the first day:

At the Opening Plenary, Shayne Elliott, CEO of ANZ, described the threat to the universal banking model from a lower cost of digitalisation, warning that banks must be agile in order to decide on their future model.

Chairman Yawar Shah updated on a year’s progress and SWIFT’s enhanced engagement model. CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt gave a view of initiatives under way and how SWIFT is partnering to enable change. “Change favours the open mind,” he said, “If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it.”

In the first Big Issue Debate, ‘Re-engineering international payments for a fast, digital age’, a panel of experts discussed how the international payments landscape is evolving in response to new entrants and innovative technologies. 

Innotribe’s opening and keynote with Brett King and Annerie Vreugdenhil was packed as King set the scene for the week’s 2030 viewpoint with a vision of the future where technology and people are closely integrated. The first day’s theme – Trust – got right to the heart of a feature of payments that is set to change rapidly, and participation in the Curated Networking session with Ghela Boskovich was animated. Ghela said, “Progress is Darwinian — only the banks that adapt nimbly to distributed trust will prosper in a changing ecosystem.”

It was a brief summary from the first day of the conference. Sibos 2018 will be continued.