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Money transfer services at R-kioski in Finland


ProFIX Company acted as a technical partner in the joint project of MoneyGram and the chain of convenience stores R-kioski in Finland. The service provides an opportunity for MoneyGram customers to send and receive money transfers at R-kioski retail outlets. Users need to visit , complete the send transaction information requested online, then sender prepares the sum of money and document, the receiver have to inform the number of the transfer and show the document.

ProFIX provided technical part of the project: making of a shared portal and integration with R-kioski system of cash registers and accounting, administration and management system, support service. The project implementation period from the setting of business requirements to the launch took 6 month.

About MoneyGram International

MoneyGram is a global provider of innovative money transfer and payment services and is recognized worldwide as a financial connection to friends and family. Whether online, or through a mobile device, at a kiosk or in a local store, we connect consumers any way that is convenient for them. We also provide bill payment services, issue money orders and process official checks in select markets. More information about MoneyGram International, Inc. is available at

About R-kioski

R-kioski is a part of Reitan Convenience, which comprises Narvesen in Norway and Latvia, Pressbyrån in Sweden, 7-Eleven and Shell/7-Eleven in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, R-kiosk in Estonia and Lietuvos Spauda in Lithuania. Reitan Convenience is the Market Leader in all seven countries. Reitan Convenience had a turnover of EUR 1,76 billion in 2016, 2 300 stores and 14 600 co-workers.

About ProFIX

ProFIX is a top-ranked IT-company focused on banking and financial sectors with more than 20 years’ experience in Ukraine and in other countries. The mission of Company is stable for many years - to provide the maximum range of IT services for the banks.

ProFIX is a Certified Global Technological Partner of MoneyGram International, SWIFT Business Partner for Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine with delivery of the full range of SWIFT’s products and services.

Today, company provides solutions to 250+ banks in 30+ countries.

Sibos 2018 resume. Day 1


This year, over 7,500 people attended Sibos, with 166 exhibitors and 80 FinTechs showcasing their services and solutions. All the participants travelled to Sydney from 150 countries to discuss the cutting age themes and tendencies in financial sphere. ProFIX Company over 15 years takes part in Sibos and 2018 is not an exception. We will tell you about key topics and highlights of Sibos 2018.

Day 1

The organizers of Sibos 2018 introduced the brand new Discover Zone to bring together all participants focused on collaborative innovation. It provided the ultimate arena for collaborative innovation between the world’s financial institutions, top FinTech companies, local FinTech start-ups and leading universities. This was where attendees met their next business partners.

On the networking side Sibos 2018 introduced Innotribe Curated Networking sessions every day focusing on the topic of the day where delegates came an met with speakers in an informal and nice setting.

There was also the new Women of the World (WOW) event on Wednesday 24, October, where everybody were welcome and where the audience shared views and opinions about the importance of female leadership in the financial industry.

Among the novelties of Sibos 2018 organizers introduced the new Sibos Smart Badges, which helped the participants to exchanged contact details in a very easy and efficient way: just placed the clickable devices on both badges next to each other and pressed at the same time to change the contacts.

Highlights from the key speeches of the first day:

At the Opening Plenary, Shayne Elliott, CEO of ANZ, described the threat to the universal banking model from a lower cost of digitalisation, warning that banks must be agile in order to decide on their future model.

Chairman Yawar Shah updated on a year’s progress and SWIFT’s enhanced engagement model. CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt gave a view of initiatives under way and how SWIFT is partnering to enable change. “Change favours the open mind,” he said, “If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it.”

In the first Big Issue Debate, ‘Re-engineering international payments for a fast, digital age’, a panel of experts discussed how the international payments landscape is evolving in response to new entrants and innovative technologies. 

Innotribe’s opening and keynote with Brett King and Annerie Vreugdenhil was packed as King set the scene for the week’s 2030 viewpoint with a vision of the future where technology and people are closely integrated. The first day’s theme – Trust – got right to the heart of a feature of payments that is set to change rapidly, and participation in the Curated Networking session with Ghela Boskovich was animated. Ghela said, “Progress is Darwinian — only the banks that adapt nimbly to distributed trust will prosper in a changing ecosystem.”

It was a brief summary from the first day of the conference. Sibos 2018 will be continued.

Sibos 2018 resume


ProFIX Company attended the annual global financial services networking event that is organised by SWIFT – Sibos 2018. This year the Forum took place at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney between 22&28 October. The Swift International Banking Operations Seminar (Sibos) opened its doors to over 7 665 global bankers from 200+ countries. 

Traditionally Sibos brings SWIFT partners, solution providers, and SWIFT together to discuss critical issues of financial sphere. The key theme of 40-th conference was «Enabling the digital economy», and organizers focused attention on the following topics:

  • How data, artificial intelligence and robotics stimulate innovation and business model update
  • New technologies for sharing information to fight against financial crime
  • Addressing cybersecurity in a digital economy
  • Adaptation to evolving geopolitical and regulatory priorities

Beside these questions the programme of the conference included the speeches and discussion about influence on financial services the brand new technologies such as global payment innovation SWIFT gpi, API and so on.

As usual Sibos 2018 was a fascinating week of discussion and networking. The next Sibos will be waiting for participants in London between 23 and 26 September, 2019.

The results of SWIFT Business Forum


The second SWIFT Business Forum has been held in Kiev 9 October, 2018. More than 120 participants attended the event, and listened the speeches, presentations and panel discussions to address a number of topics including:

ü  Update on ISO 20022 standards: in this session speakers provide more visibility on the ISO 20022 global trend, look at the status on ISO 200022 in the Ukrainian market, and share the outcomes of the ISO20022 consultation. 

ü  Ukraine’s financial market infrastructure: in this part of the event speakers and participants looked at the actions taken by Ukraine’s MIs to drive change and innovation in their markets, how they reflect the broader European and global trends, and gain insights into what more lies ahead.

ü  Cyber threats in financial services: this session outlines the evolving cyber security landscape, the methods of attack, progress on the Customer Security Programme and pragmatic steps to better protect your organisation.

ü  The evolution of the payments landscape: these presentations gave listeners an overview of what is happening in the payments landscape, how this industry is transforming and what challenges and impacts are growing.

ü  Transforming cross-border payments: in this panel session, we explored with a live gpi bank and other gpi member banks, how SWIFT gpi is transforming the cross-border payments landscape. 

ü  SWIFT’S API strategy: in this session organizers shared information on the API work they are doing at SWIFT, explain what is already available to customers and gave a view on what is coming up in the next 6-12 months. Speakers also shared some of thoughts about the use of APIs in the longer term, and gave insights into how these are likely to impact SWIFT’s traditional product and service offering. 

The forum provided an opportunity for participants to ask questions to SWIFT representatives and to communicate in an informal setting during coffee breaks.


Welcome to SWIFT Business Forum Kyiv 2018


 Welcome to the second SWIFT Business Forum in Kyiv, organised together with UkrSWIFT, the SWIFT national member and user group for Ukraine.

The programme for the event will combine keynote speeches, presentations and panel discussions to address a number of topics including:

- Progress in market infrastructure systems development.
- The evolution of the European payments.
- SWIFT gpi – setting a new standard for cross-border.
- How the industry can collaborate to combat cyber.
- An update on ISO 20022: use-cases from around the globe and the SWIFT migration proposal for cross-border.
- How technologies, such as APIs and Artificial Intelligence are opening up new opportunities and changing the way we do things.

You will hear from renowned industry speakers, alongside SWIFT experts, on all of these topics and learn about what SWIFT is doing to meet the needs of its community. As always, this one-day event will be an excellent opportunity to discuss and share experiences on topics of great relevance to you and your business. 

This free event, reserved exclusively for SWIFT customers in Ukraine, will focus on the key trends affecting the financial industry as a whole and the impact that they have on financial services in Ukraine.

We hope that you will join us on 9 October. The event will present an unrivalled opportunity to hear first-hand the views of key experts from your region’s financial community about a range of issues that are critical to the future of our industry. 

Ilona Pouna

Regional manager, CEE SWIFT 



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