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The need for money transfer appeared when people started to leave their home, families and friends, migrate and travel around the world. Nowadays, the main reason for the growth in popularity of money transfer systems is processes of globalization in the world economy, as well as the increased mobility of the population. Expenses during traveling, tuition cost, remuneration of labor, support for families left at home - these are just some of the causes for the money transfer.

Practical implementation of advanced information technologies in the matter of money transfer allows keeping up with the times and offers the following opportunities:

  • Reducing the prime cost of operations by reducing the time it takes to send and receive transfers, and by connecting automated money transfer processing channels (Internet banking, mobile applications, self-service kiosks, etc.)
  • Extensions of territories for potential customers coverage by connecting a network of agents/sub-agents, unions of multiple transfer systems agent networks, variety of sale channels.
  • Increasing the speed and reliability of data transfer and processing

Confirming the status of market leader of IT solutions for banks, ProFIX Company offers services for the development of money transfer systems

Advantages of our solutions

  • Ability to use the software as a service (SaaS), and the deployment of an in-house processing center. In both cases, the system is adjusted flexibly to the corporate identity of the customer’s requirements.
  • Light client - access to the Money transfer system is performed via WEB-application (Front-End, Back-End), which in turn minimizes the cost of deployment and operation of system operation on the workplaces.
  • Flexible integration possibilities - fully functional money transfer system WEB-services allows flexibly integrating the functionality of the system into agents software (ABS, bank system front-end, remote banking services systems, self-service kiosks, ATMs, etc.).
  • Integration with systems of remote banking services systems (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking) allows you extending the functionality of the system of money transfer both by sending a money transfer from the current/card accounts of customers, and by receiving a money transfer on the current/card account of the customer.
  • Integration system of money transfers with card processing enables automatic enrollment of money transfer to the recipient's payment card.
  • High-tech J2EE platform provides flexible scalability, high reliability, security and fault-tolerance of the money transfer system.


  • Instant multi-currency money transfers between individuals;
  • Payment of urgent money transfers to individuals in cash or by crediting the current (card) account;
  • Possibility of transferring cash balance (a donation) for the benefit of charities upon transferring by individuals;
  • Transfer of funds in national currency (cash/non-cash) from business entities to individuals (third party payments, settlements with counterparties, automatic loading of money transfer registers);
  • Support of all necessary operations with money transfers (preliminary calculation of the transfer fee, sending, payment, editing, transfer cancellation on the day of sending, return on the sender's request, return by maturity, transfer block);
  • Operating points multi-level structure possibility
  • Ability to generate various reports (consolidated statements and reports to the National Bank of Ukraine, etc.)
  • Using of previously sent money transfer as a template for new transfers;
  • Flexible adjustment of money transfer system policy tariff (basic rates, promotional rates, individual tariffs for operating points or customers);
  • Flexible system of distribution fee for income between the participants of money transfer system;
  • Limit management in the context of agents/operating points (one-time, daily or monthly limits for payment and/or money transfer sending);
  • Clearing provision between participants of money transfer system.
  • Loyalty program for customers (individual rates, bonus cards, etc.);
  • SMS informing service for customers (sender/recipient of money transfer);
  • Control of financial monitoring requirements (different levels of identification of customers, depending on the amount transferred, black lists control, public doers control.
  • Storage of information about a customer with the possibility of subsequent cross selling.

Data protection:

  • Use of cryptographic protection of information according to local legal requirements.
  • Ensuring a high level of integrity, confidentiality and availability of information.
  • Maintaining a secure system log (+ possibility of system log duplication on a remote SYSLOG-Server).
  • Different options of user authentication, including integration with Active Directory.
  • Flexible configuration of password protection parameters.
  • Provision of a reliable channel using the HTTPS protocol of mutual authentication of the parties.
  • Users have no direct access to the database system of money transfers.
  • Allocation of responsibilities and access to information grounded on a role-based mechanism.
  • Separation of critical system functions between the WEB-applications (Front-End, Back-End) with distinguishing users’ authentication schemes.

Our experts are ready to provide detailed information on Money Transfer solutions:  


They trust us

  • Profix Company is a leading system integrator focused on the banking and financisl sectors, with more than 16 years' experience in Ukraine and around 10 countries in CIS region. ProFIX first started working with SWIFT in 2002 and today has more than 120 customers using its services to access the SWIFT network

    In 2013 SWIFT appointed ProFIX as Business Partner with opportunity to promote, sell and sometimes deliver the number of SWIFT's products and services. This development vuilds on and recognizes the long-standing and fruitful relationship betwwen our two companies. ProFIX is completely aligned with SWIFT's strategy and we are confident this relationship will bring enormous benefits to the SWIFT communities...

  • Since 2010 Halyk Bank has cooperated with ProFIX Company in the field of money transfer processing services. From the beginning of our cooperation ProFIX proves its professionalism and competence in resolving assigned tasks. The software solution is casy to use, the level of technical support is very hight and ProFIX's employees are professionals.

    Halyk Bank can recommenend ProFIX Company as reiable business partner...

  • Sberbank Hungary Ltd. as a MoneyGram servise provider confirms that ProFIX which is the technical support spesialist of MoneyGram

    • answers technical questions rwgarding MoneyGram system very quickly,
    • solve technical problems also very fast,
    • supports the requirements of local regulations,
    • the team implement our changing requests very quickly,
    • and since we have been working together we haven't experienced software crashes.

    Altogether Sberbank Hungary Ltd. is very satisfield with ProFIX service...

  • In 2012 UniCredit Bank connected to MoneyGram system through ProFIX's money transfer processing center. Professionalism of ProFIX's employees us to quickly and easly integrate money transfer solution to bank's system.

    We are completely satisfied with the level of service, software solution and professionalism of ProFIX's technical support team and highly recommend ProFIX Company as a modern and reliable pertner...