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The Annual Anti-Money Laundering Best Practices Conference

The Annual Anti-Money Laundering Best Practices Conference was held in Kyiv 29 October and gathered the representatives of the International Monetary Fund, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, MONEYVAL, National Bank, State Financial Monitoring Service as well as other high scale financial experts.

The conference is organized jointly by the Forum for Leading International Financial Institutions (FLIFI) and the National Bank of Ukraine. 230+ representatives of banking area became delegates of Anti-Money Laundering Best Practices Conference.

An interactive area was organized as part of the event, where IT companies presented the conference products and solutions in the field of AML and compliance. In particular, ProFIX presented SWIFT services:

  • KYC Registry –  global database KYC (Know Your Correspondent) to make easy for banks to audit those financial institutions which they plan to cooperate with.
  • Sanction Screening –  securely-hosted service that screens incoming and outgoing messages against the latest sanctions lists and instantly alerts to any matches.
  • Payment Controls – the service helps to identify unusual behavior when making payments, even if the attackers damaged the system, database and log files.