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The Annual Anti-Money Laundering Best Practices Conference


The Annual Anti-Money Laundering Best Practices Conference was held in Kyiv 29 October and gathered the representatives of the International Monetary Fund, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, MONEYVAL, National Bank, State Financial Monitoring Service as well as other high scale financial experts.

The conference is organized jointly by the Forum for Leading International Financial Institutions (FLIFI) and the National Bank of Ukraine. 230+ representatives of banking area became delegates of Anti-Money Laundering Best Practices Conference.

Sibos 2019 resume: Day 4


The last day of Sibos celebrates a special initiative – Talent Thursday – which launches for the first time to connect the talent of today and tomorrow. At its heart is a commitment to bridge the gap between the present and future of the financial industry across people, ecosystems, business and technology.

Day 4 highlights include:

Sibos 2019 resume: Day 3


Wednesday started with the Sibos 5Run through the London Docklands near ExCeL.

The day continued apace with Views from the Top sessions with Christian Sewing, CEO, Deutsche Bank and Jean-Pierre Mustier, CEO, UniCredit. The speakers focused on the topics of cybersecurity and the transformation of the banking industry in relation to innovation.

Sibos 2019 resume: Day 2


The September 24, Sibos 2019 was in full swing and Day 2 kicked off the Big Issue Debates series with incisive conversations on ‘The future of banking’ and ‘Cloud, AI and privacy: Building blocks of a universal collaborative platform?

Sibos 2019 resume: Day 1


Sibos 2019 is successfully completed. The team of ProFIX Company joined to a unique mix of thought leaders, innovators and the next generation of financial professionals, to explore the theme: reinventing payments. We will share with you the impressions and results of the Sibos 2019 first day.

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