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Consulting services

ProFIX Company, with many years of experience working with SWIFT products, in 2015 received the status of SWIFT Service Partner. Due to this status, ProFIX certified specialists provide consulting services and carry out work on the implementation and configuration of SWIFT services remotely or on the client's side on behalf of SWIFT Professional Services worldwide.

SWIFT service packages and products for which ProFIX is certified to provide consulting services:


  • SWIFT Alliance Lite2 Turn-Key/Migration – a package of services for the implementation of a cloud solution, which is the easiest and fastest option to connect to the SWIFT Network for new customers.
    ProFIX certified specialists also provide services for migration the SWIFT infrastructure from another type of interface to SWIFT Alliance Lite2.
  • Alliance Connect Assistance – a suite of services that helps the customer efficiently order, install, and configure a more secure solution to communicate with SWIFT data centers using Multi-Vendor Secure IP Network (MV-SIPN) technology via SWIFT VPN Boxes physical cryptographic equipment.
  • Own SWIFT Alliance (SNL+SAG+SAA/SAE) – service package that helps the client to effectively install and configure their own software and hardware connection to the SWIFTNet. It also provides certified advice on preparing and migrating to a new version of SWIFT Alliance software, or migrating assistance with another type of connection.
  • SWIFT Sanctions Screening Implementation – a suite of services that helps to implement and configure a cloud service to automatically verify client transactions against sanctions lists as required by the legislation requirements of most jurisdictions.
  • Individual package of consulting and technical services. In consideration of the complexity of the SWIFT software and hardware complex and the large number of its components, as well as the variety of individual SWIFT products and services, the service package can be developed individually to order certain works and consultations, taking into account the urgent needs of the client.
    In the case of ordering work on the client's premises for any package, an additional fee is charged to compensate travel expenses.

To date, ProFIX Company SWIFT Consulting department has implemented more than 90 successful projects from the UK to Hong Kong and from Sweden to Uganda, thanks to which our specialists have gained experience in implementing SWIFT software for various clients: from the smallest financial firms with several employees to government agencies and National Banks; from installing software on a single laptop to deploying SWIFT infrastructure on virtual machines in Amazon Cloud.

We are constantly developing a portfolio of services and continue our cooperation with SWIFT for certification on new products and services.

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