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How to connect to SWIFT?

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A financial organization can connect to the SWIFT Network in any of three ways:

  • Direct connection
  • Shared connection
  • Alliance Lite2 cloud-based connectivity

Direct connection requests to have the own hardware and software SWIFT complex, which is installed on the territory of the organization and serviced by employees of this institution. 

Shared connection

Connection to SWIFT through the interface of another institution that is already connected to SWIFT.

This method involves:

  • use of SWIFT software and hardware complex of the Head Office (in Shared connection mode);
  • connection via SWIFT Service Bureau.

Alliance Lite 2

Connecting with the Alliance Lite 2 cloud solution for small banks and organizations eliminates the need to install and maintain special equipment to work with SWIFT. Alliance Lite 2 works with an Internet connection, using a standard browser and allows the financial institution to send/receive all types of SWIFT messages.

The Service Bureau is a non-financial entity established under the direct control and annual audit of the SWIFT Headquarters (Belgium).

ProFIX Company provides services of connecting and operating the SWIFT network via the SWIFT Service Bureau, as well as advising on connection to the Alliance Lite 2 cloud solution. 

What is SWIFT Service Bureau?

  • Since 2002 dozens of clients in Ukraine and other countries appreciated the advantages of connecting via the SWIFT Service Bureau of ProFIX Company.
  • High level of reliability and a real opportunity to reduce costs. No need for Customers to order and maintain special hardware and software, no need to hire, to train and certify their employees.
  • Guarantee of professionalism and qualifications. Service Bureau is regularly audited by SWIFT, the results constantly confirm full compliance with the terms of the Shared Infrastructure Programme. This program includes requirements for security, technological and other parameters that determine the readiness of the Service Bureau to provide services.

Our experts are ready to provide detailed information on the SWIFT connection. 

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They trust us

  • Profix Company is a leading system integrator focused on the banking and financisl sectors, with more than 16 years' experience in Ukraine and around 10 countries in CIS region. ProFIX first started working with SWIFT in 2002 and today has more than 120 customers using its services to access the SWIFT network

    In 2013 SWIFT appointed ProFIX as Business Partner with opportunity to promote, sell and sometimes deliver the number of SWIFT's products and services. This development vuilds on and recognizes the long-standing and fruitful relationship betwwen our two companies. ProFIX is completely aligned with SWIFT's strategy and we are confident this relationship will bring enormous benefits to the SWIFT communities...

  • Since 2010 Halyk Bank has cooperated with ProFIX Company in the field of money transfer processing services. From the beginning of our cooperation ProFIX proves its professionalism and competence in resolving assigned tasks. The software solution is casy to use, the level of technical support is very hight and ProFIX's employees are professionals.

    Halyk Bank can recommenend ProFIX Company as reiable business partner...

  • Sberbank Hungary Ltd. as a MoneyGram servise provider confirms that ProFIX which is the technical support spesialist of MoneyGram

    • answers technical questions rwgarding MoneyGram system very quickly,
    • solve technical problems also very fast,
    • supports the requirements of local regulations,
    • the team implement our changing requests very quickly,
    • and since we have been working together we haven't experienced software crashes.

    Altogether Sberbank Hungary Ltd. is very satisfield with ProFIX service...

  • In 2012 UniCredit Bank connected to MoneyGram system through ProFIX's money transfer processing center. Professionalism of ProFIX's employees us to quickly and easly integrate money transfer solution to bank's system.

    We are completely satisfied with the level of service, software solution and professionalism of ProFIX's technical support team and highly recommend ProFIX Company as a modern and reliable pertner...