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SWIFT Service Bureau services

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SWIFT Service Bureau is a specialized division of ProFIX Company which provides customers with the services of connecting and operating the SWIFT Network. SWIFT Service Bureau of ProFIX Company serves more than 100 institutions on a permanent basis as well as provides consulting and technical services to organizations that are connected to SWIFT directly.

Connection to SWIFT via Service Bureau

Main connection:

  • Shared Infrastructure. Connection to SWIFTNet is performed via hardware-software complex of Service Bureau that allows Customers to reduce significantly the expenses on purchasing servers, its own licenses for SWIFT Alliance software, import of cryptographic equipment, maintenance of own telecommunication lines, hiring and training specialists, etc.
  • SWIFT Alliance Gateway. Customer retains the main software interface (Alliance Access/Entry), but saves the resources on servicing the SWIFTNet part (Alliance Gateway, SNL, HSMs Alliance Connect VPN boxes, the communication lines via SWIFT Network Partners) using SWIFT Service Bureau connection.

Backup connection

  • is carried out with SWIFT Alliance Gateway technical scheme and it provides the Customer with guaranteed access to the SWIFT Network in case of problems with the main connection. Regardless of the connection scheme, the Customer is provided with professional consulting and technical support from SWIFT certified partner.

Servicing of Customer’s direct connection

If the Customer has its own SWIFT connectivity then the remote services are provided. They include remote monitoring and administration of the Customer`s SWIFT infrastructure as well as field work associated with software upgrading on Customer premises (installation of SWIFT Alliance software, DB Recovery option, preparation for a new SWIFT release, etc.).

These services save the Customer from the trouble of training and certification of its own staff to perform the works associated with SWIFT infrastructure maintenance, change of the work technologies or implementation of additional solutions. 

One-time services for setting up personal SWIFT tokens

SWIFT uses SWIFT USB tokens with special PKI certificates to authenticate the user and establish a secure connection via the Internet to on-line services, including SWIFT Basic Tracker, gpi-Tracker and others. Service Bureau specialists within this service package will help you configure the first pack of tokens to work with SWIFT services.

Manage PKI certificates on behalf of the Service Bureau Service User

By the request of the User of services for connection to the SWIFTNet via ProFIX SWIFT Service Bureau PKI infrastructure (certificate) management can be delegated to the Service Bureau. Thus, Service Bureau specialists will monitor the validity of certificates, remind Customer of the necessary updates, as well as provide services for the issuance of new certificates and more.

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