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Name Screening

Name Screening

This powerful solution combines centralized list management and advanced features for accurate and cost-effective customer and vendor screening – so you know who you’re doing business with.

Financial institutions must comply with stringent obligations around Sanctions and Know Your Customer regulations. This requires upfront due diligence during customer onboarding and ongoing checks against lists of sanctioned organisations and individuals, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Relatives and Close Associates (RCAs).

Increasingly, too, corporations must screen customers and suppliers for due diligence. But screening can be a complex and labour-intensive task, involving maintenance of multiple lists and regular screening of high volumes of data.

Our hosted Name Screening service automates these checks: lists are maintained centrally and updated promptly and Name Screening can handle large databases with ease, as well as providing easy online look-up for individual searches.

What lists does Name Screening use?

  • International sanctions
  • Politically Exposed Persons – PEP
  • Rellatives and Close Associated – RCA
  • Sanctions Ownership Research – SOR
  • Negative news (Dow Jones Adverse Media Screening)

Name Screening is offered in two models – online and offline.

I. Online – initial instant check of individuals and legal entities with the result in real time

Inspections can be carried out without exception both for customers and for contractors, suppliers, developers, employees, etc. The information is registered in the Logbook.

Optional list packages:

  1. Only public lists of sanctions.
  2. Lists of sanctions + Ownership Research + PEP.
  3. Lists of sanctions + Ownership Research + PEP + Adverse Media *.
    + private list that the user maintains and updates independently

II. Offline customer base check on a regular basis – Batch

SWIFT provides:

  1. Regular updating of all lists.
  2. Reporting by verified names / titles.
  3. Support for the service.
  4. 24/7 user support.