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Alliance Warehouse

Alliance Warehouse

Alliance Warehouse - Store financial messages and files for as long as you need

Whether you’re building a list of messages for an auditor or regulator, or need quick access to details of a single transaction, how and where your financial transactions are stored can mean the difference between hours of work and a just few clicks.

Alliance Warehouse is SWIFT’s complete message storage solution. Designed specifically for long-term archiving and day-to-day investigations, it automatically stores all of your financial messages and files in a single, secure repository for as long as you need.

Thanks to its powerful free-text search tool and extensive search criteria, querying your data is simple and fast, meaning you can conclude investigations in real time. Out-of-the-box integration with your Alliance interface gets you set up and ready to go without disrupting your day-to-day operations. And, with its limitless capacity, you can keep a full and true record of every payment.

Features and functionality

Alliance Warehouse is a single solution for all your financial messages and file archiving needs. It provides:

  • Complete, unlimited storage for all of your messages and FileAct files for as long as you need them.
  • Tamper-protected archiving with SWIFT security standards, meaning you can be confident that your data is complete, unaltered and trustworthy.
  • 24/7 availability to quickly interrogate data at any time from multiple sources configured to meet your needs. • Intuitive free-text search functionality to quickly answer questions from regulators, auditors, management and your customers.
  • A light implementation footprint and the ability to integrate seamlessly with other Alliance products out-of-the-box.


Alliance Warehouse gives you complete, any-time access to all of your transaction data, allowing you to:

  • store all your financial messages and files in one place
  • find any message or file in seconds
  • provide clear audit trails to your auditors, regulators, customers and counterparties
  • reduce the time and resources you spend investigating errors
  • see the complete picture of your message and file history, from payments sent years ago to those actioned in the last few minutes
  • be confident that your data is complete, secure, and trustworthy
  • give your customer-facing staff the ability to answer questions from customers in real time